Know Your Wall

This web visualization uses the metaphor of a wall to visualize the level of travel restrictions imposed to a particular country in the 'Equal' opportunity world.
How equal is equal opportunity? The project can be explored here.

A video demonstrating the project.


I used a dataset to visualize this "wall" that someone could see when looking at the world from her country. This tool should make you become more aware of this wall.

The bricks vanish as you choose your country. This metaphor symbolizes your openess to the world. The less the bricks the more you can travel. On the map the countries highlighted show the world as it exists for you. The countries remaining countries would require a visa application. This song was inspiring to the cause.


This project was developed as a response to a few experiences while living in Madrid, Spain. I worked in a multicultural team with people from over 8 countries. Even though we worked together, our scope of travel and employment were defined by our nationality.

For example: If a trip was planned to regions outside my area, I may not be able to go, as it would require me to go to the embassy and get a Visa (like for 'Morocco').
Or In my attempts to get a job around my interests, the form often gets disabled or I never hear back if I select the "Would need a VISA to work" radio button.

Travelling may seem a fun ride, but there is always a fear of rejection to obtain permissions. A small personal history for reference. My first travel to the Europe came after rejection of my VISA. We were travelling to Vienna for a prestigious conference. We filled an application of about 100 pages following guidelines of the embassy. Invested 10 days from our schedule to travel to another city to apply for a VISA. Our visa was rejected. Thankfully, The rejection was later revoked after a bit of drama. If that would not be the case, we would lose finances worth 50,000 INR/ 890 EUR, partly on a pay-later grant. Eventually, we did suffer a loss of about 400 EUR as our flights travelled via Turkey and their was a mismatch between the Schengen and Turkish Visa dates. We had to book flights again at the airport. It is tough for some people.

Recently, while applying for a student visa to come to Spain, it was even difficult. Standing in the queue, draining with sweat and being bitten by Delhi mosquitoes. Then being watched down by your own people working for another country. Thinking about "Stanford Prison Experiment".Then getting the VISA. I would say, its a miracle.

These things made me question the idea that many companies and countries profess about "Equal Opportunity".

__________ does not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, creed, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, age, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy or related condition (including breastfeeding), or any other basis protected by law.

I was annoyed and disheartened at such "cannot-explain-due-to-legal-reasons" responses and decided to probe my scope as an individual.


The information presented here is indicative. The article may sound a bit negative but tries to present the current world scenario. If anyone feels hurt, it was not intended and I feel sorry for that.

Made by Rohit using Tachyons, Vuejs, and some "Pipas con café". Check out the Colophon to know more.