The Semester that was

So, recently my first semester got over at IDC,School of Design at IIT Bombay in the IxD Course. It has been quite a journey since July. I learnt a lot of new things and different intriguing ways to look at things. I met and still meet many tons of inspiring folks at the school. The profs are great and it a treat to listen them deliver lectures.

Germinating from an engineering background, I feel the ways of design to approach a problem are somewhat different and is apparently a lot holistic. Engineering approach is rather piece wise with blocks that “technically” fit together, which may be restrictive but will get things done. I feel in design, you are much more liberal and can imagine a wide variety of things which open up a lot of new possibilities but you may not have something that works, but the level of articulation that you can present on how the things will work and the deep thought put in together to make that decision to put “xyz” thing that way and not the other way is certainly very high. I speak this from a technically marinated mind trying to explore the ways of design.

In this Semester, I explored new fields thanks to the liberties offered like Economics, Language, Psychology etc. The course as you can see in the presentation is a mix of a lot of things and if I was to say it in just a single sentence, I would say it makes you more sensitive to different aspects of life in and around you.

If you can spare sometime check out the presentation, I made for the course :

PS: All the work presented here is not personal and some projects had several people involved. All rights are hereby reserved !

Apart from these things, i did a couple of other things too (mentioned anachronistically) :

  • Watched Marathi Movie Ventilator almost without looking at subtitiles. Thanks to my Marathi Friends in Pune! They taught me all this swag :) . People here are often confused whether I am a Marathi guy or a Delhi Guy. I would rather not answer this myself. It defeats me why people carry such bad repute for Delhites. Kya kar rahe ho kanjaro?

  • Went to late night cycling trips with my friends Dinojh and Vineet.

को Rohit Gupta (@rohit7gupta) द्वारा पोस्ट की गई एक फ़ोटो

  • We had an Onam celebration too. Was a last minute volunteer. Mallu food is kinda nice

  • Went to some of famous food joints in Mumbai like Haji Ali Juice Center, Sardar Pao Bhaji, Cafe Mondegar’s etc . Also went to this Bandra Food Fest. Cool Stuff. But nothing comes close to Pune. Any more suggestions??

को Rohit Gupta (@rohit7gupta) द्वारा पोस्ट की गई एक फ़ोटो

  • Cosplayed as usual

को Rohit Gupta (@rohit7gupta) द्वारा पोस्ट की गई एक फ़ोटो

  • Milled Working PCBs on a Modella

#FirstWorld #PCB #PCBMilling #Milling #modela #CAM #CAD #KiCAD #DIY #electronics #onam

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  • Celebrated Diwali in Hostel.

को Rohit Gupta (@rohit7gupta) द्वारा पोस्ट की गई एक फ़ोटो

को Rohit Gupta (@rohit7gupta) द्वारा पोस्ट की गई एक फ़ोटो

  • Had some low moments too, But hopefully came out. There is tons of work in Design courses you see. I feel one thing that i miss is the sheer randomness of making things and discovering a purpose later on. I call this “Process Induced Premature Rationalization” . The process oriented design is so so awesome that you often feel that following the entire process would make something great. But as you see your original idea through the lenses of procedural steps you find out it wont work and end up scrapping the same. I think processes work because they define an end and that’s easy to rationalize and many people are known to follow choices that are easy to rationalize.

  • I proud myself for mostly using FOSS software for the work I did. #Inkscape #Latex #Gimp #KiCAD Adobe Suite is quite expensive for students and softwares are habits.

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