How does this city sound ?

This post describes the work done as a part of a course I took at School of Design, IIT Bombay . The name of the course is Interaction Media and Senses. The project was done during the sensory phase of the course that involved Sensory, Cognitive and Social parts.

We explored the possible ways to experience at city by just sounds and ended up creating a system that maps these sounds as well. The system can be seen in action here. It uses Mapbox flavoured openstreet maps with soundcloud to embed the recorded sounds.

We experimented with things like :

  • Binaural Recording
  • Storytelling with sound
  • Spatial augmentation of sound using 3 axis sensors and openAL. (To be replaced by Unity or SFML)
  • Geospatial Mapping of Sound (prototyped using processing and implemented using MapBox)


The project is documented in the video below: ( I will add a one page TL;dr version soon )

The presentation is as follows: