EMOSPACE: Privacy friendly retail analysis

Small shopkeepers are feeling left out due to lack of effective and simple retail analytics. How could we use retail intelligence here?
Check out the vue web app : emospace
emoSpace is an emotional analysis service for physical spaces like shops, classes, museums, and shopping malls.
This gives space owners with actionable insights to improve and personalise customer experience.

Why do we need such a system?
We are in a time when online and offline are merging and customer experience demands are changing. There is a ‘local products’ movement as well. The traditional store owner is feeling left out.
Design Brief:
How can we empower the traditional shop owners with a service to help them understand customers better ?
How does emoSpace work ?
The system works by utilizing the in-store security cameras and context information (weather, events, shopping patterns, listed and learned competitors, online prices) to build up an information base.
This uses commercially available cloud AI platforms like microsoft azure. The data is then analysed for patterns and using an unique three level information architecture the information is presented to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper is purely informed more about his store in an unobtrusive manner.
Privacy first approach
emospace as a system does not store any personal data. It is impossible to use emospace for identification of customers. Emospace performs just simple recognition on the CCTV camera stream where covnets look for gender, age, and emotion signs. The images are discarded after processing automatically. We think that emoSpace follows all regulations put forth in GDPR and several privacy acts.
Daily store stories
Instead of bombarding the shopkeeper with tons of data. We adopt a more data sanity approach. Using a daily report feature, she can just get a brief daily summary of the store while commuting back to home or just a while before sleep. The stories help her consume data without getting obsessed about the numbers. The stories have three levels of depth – Summary, Review, and charts. The demo screen displays the summary, but swipe up presents with Review and charts aspect.

Check out the demo in this here.
Based on the data, the shopowner is made a part of the data narrative around the store. She can work on things like confusion, space orientation, lighting, product placement, and even pricing. This could lead to better customer interest. The emospace service allows a direct access to the store data realtime as well as over a period of 6 months allowing her to see the impact of this low cost service on her business.
Check out the vue web app : emospace
Made by Rohit using Tachyons, Vuejs, and some "Pipas con café". Check out the Colophon to know more.