Clearance Processes at IDC

This post documents and encapsulates the clearance process for IDC, IIT Bombay. Hope this could reduce hassles till things go completely digital. Dedicated to the coming batches. The guide was written as an IDC student in interaction design discipline.

I have tried to document the informal processes that often create confusion. There is a sort of a delight you get when you get past a patch of cloudy information and when you look back, its crystal clear. Hence, one should always try to document such processes so that human race does not spend more time that one human has already spent. Neglecting the superfluous grandeur, I often imagine myself like a miner on a night shift who is underground in the tunnels. One can either temporarily secure the

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Spreadmaker- A tool to generate spreads for hand binding

The post describes a handy python script to convert usual pdfs into spreads of 8. The printed pdf can be bound by hand.

Thanks to my project guide, Prof. Girish, who inspired me to write this by asking me to read more stuff.

During my project days (and even now), I used to print papers from several journals to read and reflect upon. The tangibility of paper provides a far better reading experience than e-books. I have given up on e-reading as it strains my eyes, difficult to make notes on side and record keeping is difficult. If something is more than 25 pages, I usually print it and read it. But I do try to save as much as paper possible.

The common way to

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Pinchphone- Exertoys for kids affected by cerebral palsy

This post presents my final Master’s project - An exertoy that helps kinds affected by cerebral palsy perform finger pinching action while learning basic concepts like shapes and colors. Although this project involved a lot of research, I have observed my friends talk a lot about my posts being very research oriented and having no visible design output. I am trying a new approach to communicate the idea in this post. I am choosing my audience by the content. I hope I can connect with more people this way.

How can we make CP affected kids

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