Suggested reading list for Masters students at IDC -I

Madrid, Spain

It has been almost an year. I have been out of IDC and working/studying here in Spain. As I continue to explore design, I often read books that I feel could answer many questions I had. I hope students still have a lot of questions. In this brief post, I present a collection of books I came across that could help design students perceive design better. I hope they keep you well insulated.

The list is arranged in order of possible things you could have in mind at a particular time in the course. So, I have structured them semester wise.

Thanks to Malay, Chinmay, Rishabh, and Advait for their contributions and suggestions. Thanks to Prof. Girish, who named some of these books in conversations. This is the Part I, Part II comes in a week or so.

Semester I

If you were like me and read very little. It would be a good time to get started. This is also the time when you were asked to think about the definition of design. Is there one? Why should we define it? The books I would say you could read are:

Longer Reads

Places to read : It would probably be raining when you start. I would go to Jalvihar and read there by the stairs (if it is not raining) or if you get a nice hostel room facing the lake, you are covered. If you prefer the nights, IDC is the best place if PD guys do not have any assignment to do. If you prefer going outside campus, got to marine drive by train or cycle, near the restaurant— Pizza by the bay. Nice views and a good book. I am saying too much maybe, but you can buy some books around Flora Fountain, used or otherwise. In winters, Gullu and Descafe are nice places. Cutting, Vada Pao, and Entropy.

Semester 2

Now, it is the second semester. You are already confused. Too many whys? There seems to be a dissonance between the perceived and the expected. The dream of cool jobs, sassy (why did I use this word) workplaces, you becoming the next Mistry have slowly started to become real. You are excited. Design seems amazing or maybe routine. But maybe you could think a bit.

Longer Reads

Places to read : The weather gets amazing in this sem. Go to Gullu, Sit near the lake, Sameer hill, IDC at night or Hostel Roof. Carry a cup of tea.