Clearance Processes at IDC

IDC IIT Bombay India

This post documents and encapsulates the clearance process for IDC, IIT Bombay. Hope this could reduce hassles till things go completely digital. Dedicated to the coming batches. The guide was written as an IDC student in interaction design discipline.

I have tried to document the informal processes that often create confusion. There is a sort of a delight you get when you get past a patch of cloudy information and when you look back, its crystal clear. Hence, one should always try to document such processes so that human race does not spend more time that one human has already spent. Neglecting the superfluous grandeur, I often imagine myself like a miner on a night shift who is underground in the tunnels. One can either temporarily secure the tunnel and take the minerals or secure it permanently so the next miner can “further” the understanding of the mine. I advise choosing the later. It makes one a “responsible” miner.

The IDC clearance process may seem very hard, it is tough emotionally, but it is procedurally very straightforward. The way, I optimized it was by making a dependency map that helped me prioritize things. Dependency Map basically helps in identifying what is the relationship between various parameters like previous steps signatures, availability of staff and then come up with a sequence that minimizes redundancy of action. It is like a fishbone chart. Let us get started with your clearance.

Part 1: Pre Jury thesis submission (skip if already done)

Things required: Thesis Submission form from the office, Hostel Clearance, No Dues from Accounts Section

Hostel Clearance - Ask the warden for no dues till that date. Pay via UPI on spot, email screen shot and get the signatures. You get an A5 sheet to attach with the form, or the warden may sign on the form.

Accounts: Write your name on a register in the Accounts section. It is in the main building. Take the stairs from the Nescafe side. It takes a day to process the slip. So, get it done in advance. Attach both the above with the Thesis form and get necessary signatures. Submit to the office with two copies of the report.

Part 2: Post Jury Clearance Welcome to your P4, as it is said. With the paucity of time and this form in your hand, things might seem sad. But do not worry. This is the central goal of this post. The key is to prioritize and work on parallel independent parts.
The steps are :

1.Collect a form from the office on time. Our office staff is very helpful. The form has three sections:

Fill in all the details you know. Things people leave out are Guide names, Thesis titles and their names on all sheets. There is a misspelt “Certificate from the Acdemic section” on both P2 and P3 forms, and a No Dues from estate Office. They are usually not required.

2.In Parallel, start the process to submit the Convocation and Alumni Forms. Their details are as follows: Convocation form :

Alumni Form:

The above two things can be done in parallel with the remaining process.

3.Thesis Mega Loop

This is the craziest part of the P4. The majority of the signatures that are in the form and are difficult to get are related to the thesis. The reports should have an abstract and follow the guidelines here. Make sure you have the following in your report :

When you get guide signature on report get signatures on Frontpage in P2, P3 columns and Respective P2 and P3 pages. Let’s start with central library submissions :

Now, print the abstract page and get guide signatures. Collect the uploaded P2 report and P3 report in a USB stick along with DRS report, P2 presentation, and P3 presentation. All should be in pdf format.

Submit the five files to the IDC Library. Mohan sir may sign on item 1 (front page) and section 2.0 (page 2). Depending on the time of the day, you may get studio signatures or go to the central library. I assume you go to the Central Library. Arrive at the ETD office behind the reference section on the ground floor. Present the form with signed abstract sheets to the staff there. They will check the report format and stamp the P2 and P3 pages. In case, there is an issue with formatting, carry a laptop to make changes there itself.

ProTip: Do not make reports in google docs. You apparently cannot number pages in the way library demands. Use LaTeX, InDesign or Scribus.

Now that completes the Thesis Mega Loop. Before exiting the library, get the signatures and stamp of staff on the library no dues section ( last page). PS: The central library has alumni membership plans too.

4.Workshop Hopper

The workshop staff is really kind to be available all the time during clearance days. Start with Mawade Sir in Paint studio, then Santosh Sir in Ceramics, Kini Sir in Plastic, Samarth Sir in Wood and Navale Sir in Metal. Patil Sir signs for laser cutting studio, Clay studio (for all students except MVD), and workshop in charge.

Progressing to the first floor, Kuldeep or Chakku sir sign for the sound studio, Divekar sir signs partly for Photo studio, the other part Mazhar sir signs. Now, on the second floor. Dhanashree Ma’am signs for Ergo Lab, seated in the same space, Prof. Sugandh will sign for CAID Lab. Finally, Prof. Purba signs for CNC and Cintiq studios.

5.Home Run

The only sections that remain are associated with Hostel, Faculty Co-ordinator, and IDC Office. For Hostel 13, you will need the pink form from the warden. Pay the amount you are asked (using UPI) and then get the signatures done on the form. Technically, you should vacate rooms by 30th, but in case of extensions, you may be excused for a few days by producing a letter from the office.

6.The Finisher

Approach the faculty coordinator for your discipline. She/He will verify the details and sign on the front page and section 1.0 of page 2. Now submit the form in IDC office.

You are done !

CAUTION: The process mentioned above was prevalent in the year 2018. The article was written with whatever knowledge I could gather during my clearance process. Things may change for good.