Playful surfaces in a hackathon

IDC IIT Bombay India

48 hours to do something fun and then go to Japan ? Hai(はい)!! :)

Let us make dancing passwords !

It was a funny moment when I and Rishabh decided to participate in this hackathon. Designers in an engineering hackathon. I packed all my electronics in a bag, I got at another hackathon and reported at the venue. It was though to decide what to make.

Boredom struck us hard and we decided to make something that you could use to dance and operate the computer. Dance moves as a password? It was pretty random. Wishful thinking, of sorts.

We started working on a mat kind of a thing that one could place under his/her feet when using a computer. Hopping on it, one could do some moves to login. The mat would double up as a foot controller to operate websites like Youtube to do things like- play/pause, volume +/- and next/prev. We even built a chrome app for that. The whole thing was driven by an Arduino Leonardo acting happily as a USB-Keyboard.





And yeah ! We won the hackathon and got a chance to visit Tokyo :) #TamasHack