IDC IIT Bombay India

This post describes a commissioned installation on the occasion of Women’s Day. We use the metaphor of “being gentle” to create a series of breath driven interactive sketches.

The client came up with a requirement of quick turn around interactive installation for Women’s day to engage the audience while shopping. We wanted to explore the realm of love and socially undermined role of women in our lives. After some rounds of brainstorming, we decided to work on the idea of a “gentle love”.

We thought of connecting breath to gentleness. What is gentleness in nature? Feathers, Flowers, Bubbles, Vapour, Leaves. They all get aboard the gentle wind and spread their color and happiness wherever they go. Women do the same for us all. We wanted the depiction to be “as-is”. Further, breath based interfaces seem an interesting modality to experiment with.

So, we used several particles systems to make digitally manipulated flowers, flames and bubbles.




Quite simple and effective ; the audiences seem to have liked the idea. :)