FAND - shareable haptic foot interface device

IDC IIT Bombay India

This was a pre final project done during Masters at IDC.

The video demonstrating the concept is shown below:

The goal of the project was to improve the productivity of existing desktop usage using foot as a secondary modality. Several explorations and ideation were done in light of previous works and user studies conducted. The final report will be available here by end of the semester.

The post only covers some parts of a rather long design process (~ 6 months). I tried several techniques to understand the design of gesture systems. I did a Wobbrock style study to derive the guess-ability of certain guestures. The users were should de-contextualized prompts to certain interactions and were asked to come up with responses. I would encourage reading the paper by Wobbrock et al.

The prompts were like the below for zoom: Imgur

Based on my user set the gesture set was as follows: Imgur

The gesture set was used with the following design requirements to come up with several concepts. Imgur

The most dominant concept was of a shareable foot accessory that was prototyped. The process of prototyping was done separately for both form and function.

Form variations considering sharing and multiple foot types Imgur Imgur

Functional Prototype made using Arduino running thresholding and a simple wave pattern recognizer algo on the data of a MPU6050 gyro sensor


The prototype was tested with users using a true experiment design. The results showed that F(4,20) at p<0.05 the device when compared to a new type of hand device like trackpoint has statistical significance (repeated measures ANOVA).Hence, both devices have similar learnability.