Sleeping Dawn

IDC IIT Bombay India


I wake up the dawn,
from its quiet shambles.
Like a wanderer on road,
With his screechy corners.

The world lays lost,
in the dreams they believe .
I sit there awake,
dreaming to believe.

The wind i feel,
sweeps me away.
In its gusts it follows me,
To the worlds i never foray.

Sometimes i feel,
I should have said.
Those words i had,
she might have read.

May be it was a sad,
that those winds never blew.
May be it was great,
those things i never drew.

There will be a dawn soon,
to help us with the light.
To give us all the hope,
and bless us with the might.

Until that dawn,
I have to wait.
Search in the world,
and try my fate.

A day may come,
when I wake the dawn.
Welcoming a new world,
Then I shall carry-on.