Augmenting Reality with Visiting Cards

Pune, India

Augmented Reality? Virtual Reality? Reality Intervention? Such Reality, Much Wow!

We humans have always had the craving for not-so-real things. Books, Theatre, Movies embody the idea and use various mediums to present the cooked up reality. But the keyword Personal is IN. This word also has its own story whose value has decreased from the time of Personal Chauffeur to Uber. We now consume reality personally.

So, instead of Tony,the Iron Man acting the same way for a billion earth inhabitants, we want him to be personal. Some don’t want him to hit the Hulk, some want him to probably not drive the R8 and rather drive the Lamborghini (I vehemently disagree to this one) .

So, the crux is mediums are becoming personal and so is their content. Things will happen this way as these “Things” are getting more affordable.

This time I thought of making some sense of the Augmented Reality. With the growing trend of things that seem real but are not, I present to you ladies and gentlemen the AR Cards. These cards are basically pumped up visiting cards that enable users to project 3D models of their products/creations on their business cards using a Phone that has a camera. They can explain things in depth by moving the cards or phone relative to each other. I made one for myself with my favourite car , Chevy Camaro on it.

I also added some value to the Vcard by adding a scale to measure things. I kind of like scales. There is the usual QR code.

Front Side with a usable scale

On the back we have the marker that is used by the App to gauge the position and orientation of the object to be placed. The marker is at an offset, so that makes enough space for a note which we usually scribble on the card somewhere. Now that somewhere as a space for it.

Marker Image for AR

The screen-shots from the mobile app !

3D Object mapped on the marker

3D Object Mapped