A Wifi DataLogger

Pune, India

About a few months back, i ordered those viral ESP8266 Wifi Chips from AliEx, after travelling half of the country they landed up at my place in Delhi, from where i picked them up.

The Legend is as follows:

While half the world was busy taming the rogue CC3000 (Mine never worked), the suddenly out of the darkest dungeons of the cloud clans of the east came the blue board. The Elders called it ESP8266. It was fast and swift. Easy to tame and it quickly befriended the world and gave rise to a new era on connected projects at 1/10 the gold!

I was initially skeptical, So ordered just 2 ESP-01s. Next up in my cart is the NodeMCU board or rather i will make my own.

The first project was with AT Commands. The chip comes with the default firmware that offers limited but streamlined functionality using AT Commands. Check out these excellent resources for them:

Obviously, when using AT Commands, we need a master. An Arduino with a level shifter would do that easily. Next we needed some data-source and cloud service to blurt out the data. A BMP180 I2C Pressure and Temperature sensor would do justice and help us produce 2 valuable weather data points and cloud service will be my favourite Thinkspeak (recently bought by Mathworks).

In whatever i could rummage i made this:

My #ESP8266 #gettingstarted setup ! Uses a BMP180 Temperature and Pressure #sensor and #Arduino , A #MSP430 Launchpad casted as a 3.3V regulator ! #DIY

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The MSP430 Launchpad is just used as a voltage regulator. I couldnt find any thing else in the night. No matter how funny it looks, This thing worked and was able to update the Temperature and pressure feed after every 60 secs on thingspeak, without fail. The best part is even if there is an outage, the moment power comes back, the ESP will auto connect and work flawlessly again.

The data was posted on my Thingspeak Channel. After the acquisition, Mathworks added the capability to run Matlab scripts on the Thingspeak data channels to empower it on the Analytics front.

Check out the code in this repo ! The code is based on Mahesh’s original post.

Cheers !!