Tamhini Ghats

Pune, India

After a pretty busy and drenching week, it was time to escape into the wilderness of the Ghats surrounding Pune. These pictures were captured on the ride to Tamhini Ghat near Pune. Getting there is pretty straight forward. When coming from Pune, just reach Pirangut Crossing and take the turn to Tamhini. Then just ride and let yourself dissolve into the calm and cool gusts of air. You will notice some waterfalls on the way. Their vigor depends on the abundance of rain

The road quality is average and very bad in some parts and inviting in some. Ride carefully.

Some places to eat are Bashos and Paradise Cafe. You may also try some local foods on Dhabas on the road. The one that we went to served lightly spiced and watery Dal and ‘Lobiya’ with Rice and Chapatis.

Some pictures :




Sparkling Fall

Where is the rain ?


Focused Colors

Hey! Fellas..

Please Note: Major part of the roads around Tamhini have little to no street lighting, which is especially dangerous when the road is filled with potholes. So better make it back on time.

Cheers !