LIVE BLOG - Intel IOT Roadshow Pune

VITS,Pune, India

Day 1

Reached a bit early at 6:59am after a minor slip on the bike. Rough start for the day !

A crowd of 60 odd people were waiting in the queue at the event. Amazing response !

Hanged out with a couple of folks from VIT university ! They plan to make a universal controller for Home automation.

The queue kept on getting bigger and bigger and wilder !

My friend @rituparna Joins . We plan to do a LiveBlog! The network is hogged!! Hopefully its makes it on the outside. No pics sorry!

Aaron from @INTEL explains the IOT setup intel has in Mind and company’s vision on being a part of the maker movement! Its huge.. We will get our kits soon.

We did an Unbox !! with #Edison #StarterKit #IntelMaker #IOTRoadshow #Pune

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The session starts now.

In the session several speakers covered cool ways to play with the #Edison. We spent most of our time trying to configure it @rituparna’s MacBook. After several failed attempts we gave up on the Mac. Tried with My Dualbooted windows box. In windows we are not comfortable at all. They advised us to tether Laptop’s Wifi to Edison over USB via the RNDIS which works well with WIndows but not with others.

We went back to Ubuntu and voila it seems to do some stuff over ssh via serial. We were able to toggle LEDs.

Next we installed Pip and other required python stuff and broke for Lunch

ALERT: Won a bluetooth headset for social blogging! Thanks Intel.

Here is the blinky on Edison! Note the LED is off. Windows Phone does not support videos on official app. We used mraa and vi as the IDE. Long time to learn VI and never to late to start. :wq

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After messing around MPlayer compiles we dropped the idea of playing sound via BT. That would be actually pretty cool.

Next was thingspeak integration. We made it working using requests and you can track the channel here

The further part of the day we faced a major internet outage.. Bummer!!

After having the sumptuous dinner we went home.

I tried compiling the Mplayer as mentioned on Ghanashyam sir’s blog at night but i turned out it would just not compile. We followed similar instruction and got ALSA to play our trolltones over USB DAC!


Day 2

With a lot of work pending I mostly got working my python framework for the controlling i/os and a cron job to update our thingspeak channel every 5 mins.

Ritu was working on the door’s website and Twitter integration.

We did a few tweets during the time.

With some work to do we broke for lunch.

We hastily submitted the project without the video. Twitter had blocked our api due to excessive calls.

We implemented TTS and an alternative script to show the other use case.

Judging starts Anxious!!

This is our awesome door!

#IntelMakers checkout what I made ... From yesterday to today.

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Check out the video in the tweet.

The prize distribution is on ! Super Anxious

All three 3rd Prizes gone !

I and ritu look at each other.. I call it a wrap and start packing stuff up. Ritu is reluctant and says there is still some hope.

1st Runner Up -I Gone

Laptop Shutdown. Edsion shutdown -h now ! Disconnecting the grove connectors…

BUT wait.. Did we hear Door Mate ?


We won the 1st Runner UP ! OMG !!

Thanks a ton Aaron , Preethi , Ghanashyam and Team. 2 Days of Awesomeness !