LiTiny- A Tiny LiIon charger for most things battery

Pune, India

Lithium Batteries are indispensable. I have a few project like my own DIY Badge [Post Soon] or a Light Wand for Light Photography and an in-progress Mobile Rejuvenator which use lithium batteries ,usually those re-purposed ones that are sold in Local markets for Solar Lanterns with a capacity of 1100mAh.

The lazy me used to charge them with a diode drop of 0.7V from the USB Line making the constant charging voltage of 4.3-ish to get things done. Okay ! Okay ! I know this is the wrong way as there is a charging curve to be followed and over-voltage protection is required etc. and the most cumbersome part, you have to keep checking the battery voltage again and again to make sure its within the spec. Dahhh! To much work when you have a few of them to charge.

Li Ion Charger Required

There are tons of them available over ebay/dx/other maker sources but it all boils down to two chips :

I went for the Easy to solder and higher charging current based TP4056 and turns out is was almost 40% cheaper too. Since both were linear (read as hot) so it might make SOIC better heat dissipater than SOT23-5 due to the area.

There are a lot of boards selling for 1.2$ a pop for this particular chip, ready to use. But,

Why buy, When it can be built.

Also none of the boards satisfied both my needs together:

So, i went of to design my own based on the datasheet. The circuit is pretty easy and straight forward.

There were only the following changes:

Here is the build process:

Ready to be etched

Just from the Acid Bath

Drilled and Cleaned


Checking if the uUSB is properly soldered

During Charging: Charging in progress

After charge Termination: The Battery just got charged !

In the end I had a LiIon charger capable of charging batteries @700mA restricted due to thermal dissipation limits of home made PCBs.