Welcome to the new home!

Delhi, India

I am now in process of migrating my main blog on wordpress to github pages for more contexual/design/layout freedom. This blog is built using Jekyll.

Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator. It takes a template directory […] and spits out a complete, static website suitable for serving with Apache or your favorite web server. This is also the engine behind GitHub Pages, which you can use to host your project’s page or blog right here from GitHub.

Find out more by visiting the project on GitHub.

For those who have used LaTeX in the past Jekyll is excellent as it (personally saying) generates a static website by compiling all the code you wrote in the post.Obviously, with the luxury of platforms like wordpress,blogspot etc writing bare code is archaic. Jekyll has got your back here too, you never write the html/css tags from scratch. The Jekyll engine takes standard markdown which it builds into a html code and once built gives you a complete website. You an obviously code in html too.

Comments,widgets and Analytics work too with just a bit of playing required. The comments on this site are supported via Disqus !

Hope this post compiles well ! :)