The Electronic Inaugural Lamp

Delhi, India

Inauguration Lamps.. They are just so mainstream. The same one candle lighting the others one by one. Pretty Bucolic ! But Prof.Gadre had something different in mind for the inauguration of Texas Instruments Analog Design Challenge Finals in Blore,2013.

I was glad to be the part of the team doing all the work for the project. The concept was to use a conventional usability model and introduce a different way to light things up. In brevity,

An electronic matchstick with a magnetic field sensor ( not a pricey hall sensor ) while be struck against a magic matchbox with a precise number of magnets. When the matchstick is struck with matchbox magic happens and the LEDs start lighting up on the matchstick. Ah! The matchbox is powered by a supercap mind you ! Hidden somewhere inside the matchstick is an IR LED, whispering a secret modulated code which can only be read by our compatible lamps that too only within a certain distance. When the Lamps see the matchstick they just light up ! No ghee teel, pure electronics !

We all worked for a few months on the project and the final versions demonstrated had two LEDs to indicate the state of the Lamps and were hand(routed-etched-drilled-soldered and assembled) at CEPD. The main diffuser was 3D printed in the Lab itself in the shape of a Flame.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

The structure was made using industrially laser cut acrylic elements.


Check out this blog post by Ravikumar Sir that details the project. The project also got covered in Times Crest.


Here is Prof. Gadre showing the project in action.