Gopi Ram Gupta Memorial Grant for Creative Research

A annual grant for individuals practising creative research in developing contexts

Application Deadline — 31st November, 2021


My grandfather, Late Shri. Gopi Ram Gupta always encouraged creative thought and supported us throughout our creative education. He knew that the Indian society did not necessarily support such creative ambitions and he always strived for a multidisciplinary thinking. He passed away due to complications from CoVID . In his memory and spirit, I wish to propose this grant to support independent creatives from India. The aim is to support students, makers, artists, designers, and other creatives with expenditure in their projects and practice.

There is no entry barrier or eligibility criteria to apply.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions are :

  1. The grant is applicable only to Indian nationals residing in India for work done in the Indian context.
  2. Open to as many fields of impactful research and creative enquiry as possible. Everyone with a concrete research goal in mind is invited apply. Diverse/ anti-disciplinary/ multi-disciplinary/ un-disciplinary people are encouraged.
  3. The grant value is € 250 (around ₹21,000) per person per year.
  4. The grant will be provided once a year in the month of December to one person.
  5. The grant can be used for the following types of expenditure :
    1. Travel for the purpose of conducting research
    2. Fees towards using tools and workshops
    3. Infrastructure needs for under-served classrooms, if work involves teaching.
    4. Prototyping Materials for art and/or design projects
    5. Support for showcasing work
    6. Other expenses while conducting research
  6. It is encouraged to produce any sort of artefact and/or documentation of the process as an output of the project/research
  7. Output generated, through the means of this grant, should be published online and be available as open access content.
  8. Applicants are encouraged to give back to the community in whatever way possible. This could be by organizing a talk around their research or focusing their work around socially relevant topics. This could help inspire other young creatives.
  9. Applicants are suggested to keep me updated on progress and if, additional help is required. I may be able to connect them with other people in my network.
  10. The grant can be combined with other grants. This is highly encouraged.

How to Apply

The interested are invited to send me an e-mail with the following :
  1. A personal statement of belief and motivation.
  2. A small portfolio of past works and references (if any).
  3. Detailed explanation of project and how it is relevant in the Indian context
  4. A small (<500 words) summary of the progress made so-far (if applicable)
  5. A brief statement of how this grant will be used including an approximation of expenses

I will review them with other experts, and invite upto 5 applicants for a 30-45 minute video call. The grant will be send to the Indian account of the applicant before 31st December.