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Rohit Natrajan

Welcome ! Visitor #221!
Looks like you failed the "Turing's Test" friend.
I am a Design Debugger for the company that makes "EyeAL". I sensed something wrong happening around me post the great flare that left everyone ugly. Go down a step to know more about it.

I know it will be a bit hard to navigate this portal. We dont have hyperlinks now, as we dont have keyboards or mice.

I am guessing you are from the past or maybe from the future where we dont have eyeAL..
I hope I am correct about the past anyways !

As attention span reduced, we moved to a different way of consumption. Its called Cards.

My great grandfather would chuckle as he too fed cards to the first computer. Piece wise information, Powerpoints? Join the dots..

Every portal is now a story. Like this one. Down you go into the story

I am a design debugger at the company that controls what most of the humanity sees. Design Debugger?

Humans do not design much of the stuff these days. Machines do. We just debug what machines cant rationalize. I am one of the few design debuggers.

But I am also the one who designed the eyeAL

Following the great flare, everyone was ugly due to the boils and hence my company chipped in to democratize those EyeAL glasses we already had. Lets talk about solar flares?

The government underestimated the effects of the flare and gave everyone these anti-flare lotions. The lotions were distributed like Adhaar cards. Scared everyone applied it and stayed inside on the day of 21st September 2022. But the lotions turned out to be a scam and reacted with the skin to create boils.

Pictures of which I can no longer see or show. Suddenly, no one was


No one.

Everyone looked similar

But ugly, with boils and rage

There were these protests all around. The government wanted a quick fix.Systems were falling.


Medicines did not work.
Someone thought why live a life so real when we can make people see what they always wanted.

EyeAL was born....

EyeAL injects computer generated signals directly to your optic nerve and changes in real-time what you see. Beauty is now a commodity. What does it look like? I have a production render.

The Eye AL ! I hope there are browsers that support the next card.

The world has changed since then..

The beauty you used to be born with can now be downloaded.

People could become beautiful instantly. The more money you have the more beautiful you get.
Check the beauty advertisement these days!

Beauty as a service !

Choosing any of the upgrades, links it to your eyeAL account and you are "rendered" beautifully.

These upgrades are sold as softwares in old (your?) time.

Cloud Service on your face !

The more you can see the more we can control the world around you.

When someone anonymous can see the world you see ! There is a lot that can be done.

You or the government can block people from others vision.
Did not pay your rent? You get blocked for 12 hours.
Like i got once

Doc Searls talked back then about the future in interactive advertisement.
Its in our lives these days.
You might need these makers on your eyeAL v1 or phone (LOL) to proceed.
I hope your rusty browsers can take it.
People get paid to be walking bill boards of your intention
Live 20s Demo here [Use Marker 2]
There are so called blank spaces that make sense with an eyeAL.
Dynamic as life
Live 20s Demo here [Use Marker 0]
The moment you look at things. You know them and
what others feel about them .
Live 20s Demo here [Use Marker 5/6/7]

These things can be hacked too to alter the primary set like your very identity . There is a black market nobody talks about.
A market of identities.
Dead people are known to commit crimes !
Imagine someone dead wake up as a stolen identity and do something.


Did that


you ?
Well it ought to. But we live here.
If you can see/read this without an "EyeAL". You should warn your time


Welcome to the


A take on the trend by Rohit

Special 谢谢 to
  • Prabal for modelling the eyeAL
  • Siva for his poster
  • You for bearing my bad css skills